Can technology address the gender gap in financial inclusion?

This workshop will explore how to ensure that emerging technologies increase access and usage of financial services for women, rather than leaving them further behind. 


Examples of Our Success with Digital Financial Services in Emerging Markets

We worked with Diamond Bank in Nigeria to create BETA Savings, a savings account designed for women and men who run stalls in the open-air markets. Agents, knowns as BETA Friends, visit a client’s business to open accounts and handle deposits and withdrawals using a mobile phone. More than 250,000 accounts were opened through the first half of 2015, primarily from clients with no prior relationship with a financial institution.

In Malawi, NBS Bank worked with Women’s World Banking to develop the Pafupi savings account, designed for low-income rural women who are not using a bank either because it is too far or they don’t think a bank is meant for them. Women can open accounts and make small deposits and withdrawals whenever they want at local shops with NBS Bank agents who transact with the bank via a mobile phone.

Maria Largey, Head of Financial Institutions, CDC Group on last year’s Summit:

“At CDC, we’re always looking for ways we can work with the businesses we invest in to improve financial inclusion. Our time at the summit showed we are not alone – there are many people from like-minded organizations all around the world committed to making a positive impact.”