What does it really mean to be a gender lens investor?

This workshop will demonstrate how investing with a gender lens can drive institutions towards a greater focus on gender diversity and engagement of low-income women, while generating returns on investment.


About Women’s World Banking Capital Partners, LP

Women’s World Banking Capital Partners is a private equity limited partnership that makes direct equity investments in women-focused financial institutions. This investment strategy was built on our belief that investors can influence institutions to ensure that women are part of their growth strategy and future profitability.

Our first exit to date (the Ujjivan IPO in India) yielded 30% IRR (in USD), 2.5x MOIC. Comparing the Fund’s returns to a 2017 benchmark from Cambridge Associates shows that the Fund generated top quartile returns compared to emerging market PE funds with impact focus and similar vintage year.

Maria Largey, Head of Financial Institutions, CDC Group on last year’s Summit:

“At CDC, we’re always looking for ways we can work with the businesses we invest in to improve financial inclusion. Our time at the summit showed we are not alone – there are many people from like-minded organizations all around the world committed to making a positive impact.”